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The many grand old homes in Jekyll's historic village tell us that in the late 1800's the millionaires; Rockefellers, Goulds, Morgans and others found Jekyll Island an attractive spot to invest in real estate. Jekyll's drawing card at the time was peaceful seclusion in a pristine atmosphere with a great climate.

Today, folks are still buying Jekyll Island property for the same reasons. More than ever the tranquility of Jekyll Island stands out as an example of how less can be more. Our 586 residential properties number the same today as did in 1975. Restrictions on developing no more than 35% of Jekyll's high land have ensured that the atmosphere you buy today will still be here tomorrow.

Most Jekyll Island properties are single family homes with a smattering of duplexes and a few other multi-family dwellings. We also have one hotel/condominium complex at the north end of the island. Many Jekyll property owners have purchased with retirement in mind. Some already call Jekyll their permanent home while others have purchased second homes looking to a future move. These properties have rental potential that can help to defray the cost of ownership.

If you are interested in real estate information, stop in our Parker-Kaufman office in the Jekyll Shopping Center or give us a call. We have full time sales specialists available to answer your questions.

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